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We're perfect for any space

Calico is a coming of age solid surface company that is providing ultramodern, affordable acrylic countertops that provides a variety of choices with a consistent timeless finish. As an adjective, calico is defined by something close to multi-colored or motley. We provide a range of color options fitting for any project, in any space. 


Not only does Calico’s material stand out in appearance, but it also exceeds expectations when it comes to functionality. Being 100% acrylic, this countertop material is low maintenance, allowing effortless cleaning and longevity. It’s stain proof ability not only makes it simple to clean but long lasting and irreplaceable. The perfect material for any domestic or commercial venue. 


Step into the future with Calico material, as it will transcend any space, all while keeping your pocket at a sustainable level. 

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